Modern Glaze


Modern Glaze ages your painted pieces with a subtle sheen adding timeless elegance to your project.

Glaze is an easier alternative to the traditional version of using wax to age your projects. Modern Glaze has longer ‘workable’ time and therefore gives you total control to apply as little or as much aged perfection as you want!

Available in 3 popular colors: White, Umber and Jet

Available in 8oz and 16oz sizes.

Modern Glaze - 8 oz, Jet$19.00
Modern Glaze - 16 oz, Jet$25.00
Modern Glaze - 8 oz, Umber$19.00
Modern Glaze - 16 oz, Umber$25.00
Modern Glaze - 8 oz, White$19.00
Modern Glaze - 16 oz, White$25.00

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